High Speed Internet


Product Description

PortNET operates a fixed wireless network that delivers high speed Internet to business premises located in the Brisbane port precinct. These services are provided as an ethernet connection, Internet always on, static ip address, no blocking of ports or URL's, no anti-virus scanning or spam filtering.

Geographical prerequisites for connecting to the service are being in the PortNET footprint and having line-of-sight to one of our basestations.


Customer premises installation involves mounting a PortNET owned radio on the rooftop and running a cable to a node on the company’s LAN via a power injector connected to mains power.


PortNET operates volume based plans.
Plans can be changed without charge.
For service availability and plan details please contact us.


Post paid monthly billing consists of a fixed monthly service charge and where applicable an overflow charge calculated by multiplying the overflow rate by the total downloaded traffic less the downloaded traffic allowance for that plan.

A one-off charge applies for a ‘standard’ installation.

All pricing includes GST.


PortNET contract has an initial term of 12 months then month-by-month.

For a detailed explanation see PortNET Standard Terms & Conditions

Critical Information Summary